How to Become a Sound Engineer?

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A Sound Engineer is the ‘unsung’ hero behind every song that you listen to. A Sound Engineer does the demanding job of recording, mixing and mastering the audio that the artist creates. This job demands technical know-how and artistic finesse to hit the perfect note.

Due to the rising digital industry around the world, the scope of Sound Engineering has increased drastically. This has led to increased demand which is being fulfilled by the state of the art Sound Engineering colleges in India.

If you want to help legends like AR Rahman, Arjith Singh, and Shreya Goshal accentuate their natural talent, a strong knowledge of Sound Engineering subjects is required. Several colleges have Sound Engineering courses that provide a solid base for graduates to build on.

 Sound Engineering after 12th:

Various colleges across the country have capitalised on the rising demand for Sound Engineers and started to offer sound engineering courses. Eligibility criteria may vary across institutes but the basic eligibility of completing a 10+2 or equivalent degree remains the same. 

Students have the opportunity of pursuing an Undergraduate, a Master’s course or a Diploma in Sound Engineering which will help them commit to a long career in the field.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Sound Engineering:

This is a 3-year sound engineering course after 12th. The candidate should have passed a 10+2/ 2nd PUC to be eligible for admission to the course.

This program equips students with certain necessary constituents of different kinds of sounds. The Sound Engineering subjects that will be studied include Music Production and Music Theory. Students are also trained to become experts at surround-sound mixing.

The program aims to turn students into fully functioning Sound Engineers. Since Hands-on experience plays an important role in a Sound Engineer’s life, most Sound Engineering colleges in India have tie-ups with the industry that emulate work conditions.

Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Sound Engineering:

The duration of this course varies from 1 year to 2 years. Interested students must have completed a B.Sc (Sound Engineering) with at least 50% aggregate marks. Some institutes require students to pass an entrance test. 

A Masters in Sound Engineering will provide knowledge about Live Sound Engineering and Studio Sound engineering along with an overview of Music Production. Students who enrol will study the theories of music, sound and various kinds of instruments used.

An M.Tech in Sound Engineering is the complete package that a student will require to succeed in an industry which changes on a daily basis.

Diploma in Sound Engineering:

This course is completed in a span of 12 months. Students interested in pursuing this course must have completed a 10+2/ 2nd PUC. 

The course starts off with an introduction to the mechanics of sound and covers different aspects of sound engineering like game audio, studio construction and studio audio.

Diploma courses train students in software that is used in the industry like Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

Since, there are a lot of colleges and universities that offer these courses, one must make a considered choice to ensure that the institute provides an education that conforms to industry standards.

Choosing a Top Sound Engineering College in India: 

The first step in launching a successful career in music is understanding the basics. A good college or university imparts a strong understanding of the basics and educates students on the application of concepts as well.

Look for the following factors before arriving at a final decision:

  • Well-designed curriculum 
  • Supportive faculty
  • Infrastructure and equipment
  • Tie-ups with the industry
  • Transferring of practical knowledge
  • Software certification upon completion of course
  • Placements

Top Sound Engineering Colleges in India:

Since the demand for competent Sound Engineers is expected to rise rapidly, many educational institutions are competing to offer courses that cater to the needs of the industry.

The following institutions have all the factors to look out for. 

  • School of Science Studies, CMR University
  • Creo Valley School
  • IIFA Lancaster Campus
  • Audio Academy 
  • Seamedu: School of Professional Expression
  • Mumbai Music Institute
  • Rayat Bahara University

Sound Engineering Subjects:

As mentioned earlier Sound Engineering requires a strong technical base and robust creativity. Sound Engineering courses are designed to boost both aspects of a student’s thinking.

The subjects of Sound Engineering range from basic physics to the study of complex apparatus used in recording, mixing and mastering audio.

A list of Sound Engineering subjects that are taught in all the courses are mentioned below.

  • Music Recording and Mixing Techniques
  • Media Management
  • Physics and Electronics
  • Career Development
  • Acoustics and Studio Construction
  • Game Audio
  • Digital Audio and Networking Technology
  • Digital Audio Workstation
  • Media, Culture and Society

Sound Engineering Career Opportunities:

Sound Engineers are responsible for manipulating sound and achieving the perfect tone. The exact nature of work varies depending on the work setting.

Graduates can choose from a wide range of opportunities like:

  • Music Producer
  • Sound Recordist
  • Music Composer
  • Film Sound Designer
  • Game Sound Designer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Radio Sound Engineer


The rise of the digital media platform in India has led to an increase in the Scope of Sound Engineering. Interested students can choose from Diploma, UG and PG courses. Admissions in Bangalore are open for all students looking to start a career in Sound Engineering. 

Upon completion of the courses, candidates will be able to utilise the knowledge gained to create their own music or improve the quality of other musician’s music.

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