Filabé Intelligent Wipes Review- Aging Skin Balance

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Having extremely sensitive skin, I have struggled with finding skincare that does not feel like it’s burning or leaving my face with redness for so long! I’ve tried every so-called “best skincare” brand out there, from La Mer to Shiseido to La Prairie. Still, every time it has left me with rashes. Since I’ve recently turned 50, I am concerned with maintaining a youthful appearance, and I want to avoid getting wrinkles as long as possible and keep a dewy, young, and healthy skin look.

I was recommended to try Filabé of Switzerland, an established brand in Europe newly available in India, by a friend who has seen some good results. After reading about the brand on the website, I was hopeful about using it, as it was all-natural based and designed for sensitive skin. Although I generally have found most skincare brands disappointing, this seemed different because it was in a wipe and not a cream, so I decided to give it a go.

Upon contacting the brand, they guided me to a smart quiz on their brand website that would help me find out what type of wipe my skin was best suited for. Since I had more mature and sensitive skin and wanted a product for anti-aging, I was recommended for Aging Skin Balanced Wipes. I ordered 1 box, which contained 28 wipes since they said it generally takes a month of consistent use to see results. I was especially glad to hear that it was just one product as their entire skincare, as many other brands try to oversell you with many different products.

The ordering process was very simple, and it arrived within 2 days. I was pleased to see it had a very convenient carrying system of 4 packets, with one week’s wipes in each packet, as I was planning to travel that weekend and it was very easy to carry just one packet. The packet itself was also waterproof, so I could easily pack it without worrying about anything spilling.

It had the instructions printed on the packet, but the salesperson also told me these during ordering:

  • Before bedtime, take one wipeout of the packet and wet it lightly by dropping a few drops of water all around (it should not be dripping wet, or you will lose the nutrients)
  • Rub the soft side of the wipe around my entire face for about 40 seconds
  • Let it dry on its own

And that was it! I was told it did not require any other products to be used at night or in the morning, except for my strong sunscreen for my face protection. Because the wipe was a natural exfoliator, it removed my makeup while cleansing and providing my skin with the natural ingredients it needed. Below is the information I got from amazon. You could buy the wipes through amazon as well

(They also told me I could wash the wipes in the washing machine and continue to use them for other household purposes. I tried, and they were good for cleaning the table or washing the car because if they got too dirty, then I could throw them away.)

On the first night after using Filabé of Switzerland, my skin felt dry. They told me it was expected because I normally use a moisturizer, so my face needed a few days to come into balance and start hydrating itself naturally as it is supposed to.

This was definitely true because I kept using it, and by night 3 my skin felt quite fresh and nice after cleansing, and I didn’t feel like I needed to do anything else.

After 30 days, I can confirm a significant difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. It looks and feels much softer; there is a glow to my face I have not had in a long time. It also feels more elastic; there is a gentleness to my face where it used to be tight. I am so shocked and happy to see such an improvement in my skin in a short time, and I think it will only get better with more time.

I did not have a single day of a burning feeling or any rash in the last month, which has never happened with any skincare brand before. Even my skin feels stronger than before; even when I have to put on or remove makeup, it does not cause any irritation.

I will definitely continue to use Filabé of Switzerland wipes and only those on my skin from now on. Having better skin has contributed so much to my self-confidence, especially before this festive season. I feel like I’m ready to attend all the card parties and celebrations now.

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