Are Deal Sites and GPT Worth It?

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Are deal sites and gpt worth trying out? We dive into what gpt has to offer and do a short swagbucks review. One of the main, top sites for earning side income. The main difference between deal sites and gpt are discounts with the former. It allows you to save money by earning cash back that  you can withdraw in the form of paypal, gift cards, etc.

GPT sites allow you multiple ways to earn… usually! Whether it be by filling out small offers or doing surveys. Usually from survey portals. GPT works with companies that need their surveys taken by people that meet their criteria and that’s where GPT comes in. They make deals with these companies to advertise their surveys. When you create an account you gain access to them. You’ll get them from toluna survey, qualtrics surveys, survey monkey and so on. After completing the survey you are rewarded instantly in most cases.

The next question is how much can you earn from these sites? Well, if you put in the effort and manage your time to cash ratio right you can make a decent amount off of surveys in an hour, but like I said. It’s just some side cash. It’ll range from being able to get anywhere from $1-5 in an hour or more. It is certainly something that you can do in your spare time.

Now this is where one site in particular comes in handy. It offers a variety of ways to earn and differs from other GPT sites in the way that it allows you to earn from receipts, signing up to services like Disney+ and being able to earn while shopping online. All that while still offering surveys. While I have been a member of quite a few GPT sites I think Swagbucks offers so much that I can’t really see myself becoming a member of another one. With so much to offer and so many ways to earn, it is hard to pass up.

So now it’s not only how you earn, but it becomes a question of how can I do it efficiently. Like most GPT sites you’ll want to look at how much time it takes to complete a survey and how much the survey is worth. By doing this it allows you to better manage your time to see if the survey is one worth trying for yourself. Notice how I say try? It is always a possibility that due to some circumstances you may not qualify for a survey or you get kicked out of one for the survey being full.

There is a way to make sure you don’t have to deal with that though. Most sites if not all gpt sites have many questions to ask you. These questions that they ask are so that you can get surveys based on your answers and meet the criteria of the surveys. It’s pretty much a profile for surveys. Once you fill out your profile you’re more likely to get surveys that won’t kick you out or disqualify you right away.

One way I left out of gpt is that you can usually refer your friends to the site to earn some points towards your account. Swagbucks in particular will net you 300 swagbucks (or $3) if you refer a friend and they earn 300 within 30 days. You will also make 10% off of their account for the remainder of its life. So if you’re good with marketing or have a lot of friends, you can make a lot extra.

It’s one reason I refer to swagbucks as a deal site other than a gpt site. The ability to earn cash back on sign ups and just doing day to day shopping makes it feel that way. It’s a big site as well. One of the most well known ways to earn side cash and for good reason. I highly recommend it.

When you’re done earning you can withdraw any amount you want with there usually being a minimum. Swagbucks itself has a minimum of $1 for an Amazon prime gift card and yes, you can withdraw in the form of PayPal as well. Other sites may allow you to withdraw directly to PayPal. On Swagbucks you get a PayPal e-gift card that deposits into your PayPal account. Usually what you can redeem your points for varies from site to site, but most, if not all allow you to get an Amazon prime gift card or withdraw into PayPal.

So, is it worth being a part of a deal site or gpt? I think it depends on the person, but it’s definitely worth it if you have extra time and especially if you sign up for services. The sign ups help a lot and the surveys aren’t bas as long as you set everything up right. If you’re looking for a gpt site then I recommend Swagbucks.

Resources: Swagbucks Review

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