Carbon Steel Pipe – Applications and Usage

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Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel is more of an alloy mainly made up of Iron and Carbon. The carbon here is at 2.1 wt%. In this alloy the ratio of other metals is not specified, anyways it contains manganese. The metals like manganese, nickel, silicon, and copper should be less than 1.6%. Carbon steel has three types namely Low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, and High Carbon Steel.

Low-Temperature CS Seamless Pipes is ferrite and pearlite with carbon content less than 0.25% which leads to properties like less hardness but high ductility, toughness, machinability, and weldability, and relatively it is cheaper. The Medium carbon steel is a martensite alloy with a carbon content of 0.25-0.60%, the properties here are almost the same but with a medium aspect. High carbon steel has much hardness and strength as compared to both but ductility here is low. The carbon content in High CS is between 0.60- 1.25%.


  • The mechanical properties of all three types of carbo steel are as mentioned-
  • High Carbon Steel has Tensile Strength of 665 MPa and a Yield Strength of 380 MPa the ductility being 10%.
  • Medium Carbon Steel has Tensile strength of 460 MPa and a Yield Strength of 325 MPa the ductility here is 12%
  • Low Carbon Steel has Tensile Strength of 325 MPa and a Yield Strength of 180 MPa with the ductility of 28%.

Carbon Steel Pipe

A pipe is used to convey any liquid or gas from one place to another. The pipes come in all shapes and sizes, the diameters can be small as well as massive. For pipes especially high carbon steel is the best because of its hardness and strength which is important in a pipe. However, the pipe of high carbon steel has less weldability because of high hardness.


The application of carbon steel pipe depends on the type of carbon steel and each type has different types or can be called grades. The low carbon steel is usually used for Automobile Panels, Nails, Wires, Pipes, Structural Sheets, Low-Temperature Pressure Vessels. The medium carbon steel is used in Machinery parts, gears, shafts, axles, bolts. The high carbon steel is used in Music wire, Springs, cutting tools. 

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