A Paradigm of Tensions Inherent in a Utopian Genre

A Paradigm of tensions inherent in a Utopian Genre
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Fictional stories are the ones that lead their readers to a world that is changed with the real world. It gives the audience pleasure as well as an insight into a different world. Many fictional writers use their talent and write fictional stories for the audience and many times they include painful realities or experiences of the real world. Similarly in a short story, “The Ones who Walk Away from Omelas” written by Ursula K. Le Guin, is based on several harsh realities of the real world. In the form of utopian genre, Le Guin tried to depict several paradigms of tensions in her story, and argued about the principle of morality that shows people who had done wrong to anyone will receive detention in the end.

The short story “Those who walk away from Omelas” represents and portrays a picture of a happy city with full of happy people. But this happiness is related to the grief and pain of a child who locked up in the city in a terrible condition. The people of Omelas believe that their happiness depends upon the misery of the child. These people are not humble and poor in spirit as they are selfish and cruel people who locked up a poor child in a miserable condition and linked their happiness to the unfortunate situation of the child.

Like the poor child in the short story “Those who walk away from Omelas” who is suffering a very depressed and bad condition in the locked jail.

He will surely get comfort in the end, and the other people of Omelas will not get comfort, and they have to pay for their sins in the end.

The people of Omelas are not meek, and they will not succeed to the earth as they are cruel and pitiless people. They are not kind to a child and linked their happiness to the misery of the child. They will have to suffer what they have done with the child.

The people of Omelas are not suffering, and they are enjoying happiness.

The poor little child was suffering as he will be the blessed one according to this verse of “Sermon on the Mount.” The people of Omelas will suffer in the end as they were cruel and pitiless for a poor little child and locked him up in jail.

The short story of “Those who walk away from Omelas” showed a small city of joyful and cheerful people and they are celebrating the summer festival with music and dancing. The saddest part of this poem is that the citizens of Omelas locked a child in a closet within the city and his condition was very vulnerable and bad. The people of Omelas supposed that the vulnerability of this child would make them happy forever. It’s a city of happy people, but they are dead from inside. Everyone knows about the bad condition of the child, but no one cares because their happiness is linked with the vulnerable situation of the child

The people of Omelas showed happy and joyful behavior in the entire story as they do not have any grief in their hearts about that child. They are celebrating a summer festival happily, and a little child is suffering from hunger and sorrow in the closet of a house within the city. A pure heart will lead to the pleasure of true happiness. The citizens of Omelas don’t have a pure heart as they all were pitiless and merciless people. So they will never get the true happiness and will see the God.


Many people of Omelas thought about the child and felt his sufferings, but they all were unable to do something for him. They leave the city and never come back. [1] These were all also selfish people who felt the little child’s sufferings but never done anything for him. They leave the city for their sake so that they will not see the misery the child. The Jesus said in the “Sermon of the Mount” that “Blessed Are The Peacemakers: For They Shall Be Called The Children Of God” which means that the peacemakers will be called the children of God. Peace is calmness and a state of harmony which can be achieved by doing good deeds for the sake of humankind. The people of Omelas are not the peacemakers as they were the selfish and cruel people.

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The people of Omelas were living in peace and happiness, but they believed that their happiness is linked with the bad condition of the little child. They supposed that if they leave the child their happiness will end and they have to suffer from grief and bad condition. [2] It’s a bad stereotype of the society of Omelas. In the “sermon of the mount” verse 8 stated that “Blessed Are They Which Are Persecuted For Righteousness’ Sake: For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven.” This means that the people who always do the right things are the ones who will enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven. The people of Omelas were doing wrong with the child so that people will never enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven.


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