5 Tips for Choosing the Right App Development Company

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The mobile phone sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it has ushered numerous innovations over the past decade. Today, we can do pretty much everything through a smartphone and this has led to the emergence of mobile apps as an integral part of our daily lives.

With the accessibility and connectivity afforded by our phones, it is easy to understand why having a mobile application is a smart business move. Mobile apps offer seamless one- and two-way communication between businesses and their customers. They can improve referral rates and boost new product/service adoption rates.

However, not every business owner knows about the ins and outs of mobile app development, so they usually rely on hiring a software and app development company to design and develop one that will boost the chances of their brand’s success. But with lots of service providers out there, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and choose the right company.

So, to help you find the perfect app development partner, we have collated some important points that you ought to know about app development companies and the services they offer. Whether you’re after a small development team or a full-service firm, these tips and info will help make it easier for you to make the right decision.

Define & Evaluate Your App Development Needs

Before you start scouring the market for app developers, you need to ascertain your app goals and needs. For instance, do you need an eCommerce app? Are you in the hospitality industry and in need of a hotel management app? What type of content, products and/or services do you offer?

The answers to these will determine the technology and app development tools required to design and develop the appropriate app for your business. It will be a huge help if you have your needs laid out before you delve into discussions with your chosen app development company, because it’s up to you to explain your needs to them so they can get the job done right.

If you fail to clearly explain what your mobile app is all about, the functionality it must support, and the problems it should solve for your target users, you’ll give the development team a tough time building an effective app.

Looking for reliable app developers is a tall task, but by defining and evaluating your app development needs, you can eventually find the perfect fit for your project. Jot down what exactly you are looking for in an app developer.

Take the following into account: Are specific programming languages or technical skills required to successfully build your app? Do you want someone who’s proficient in iOS or Android development? Defining these needs will make it easier for you to engage the services of the right company and ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Research and Check the Company’s Portfolio

Practice due diligence and do your research. Checking an app development company’s portfolio should be a piece of cake. Most of them present their portfolio online and are proud to showcase the projects they’ve completed. Take a look at their previous projects and assess the quality of their work.

Take time to browse through their respective websites and you’ll get to know their industry domain and technical expertise. You can also request them to show you projects they’ve worked on that are similar to yours so you can gain an insight into their experience. This will help you determine whether the company you’re eyeing is adept at handling projects like yours and what the outcomes were.

It is also important to bear in mind that seasoned app developers have excellent UI/UX skills. When evaluating their portfolio, look for apps with intuitive and visually attractive interfaces. Remember that 60% of your app is about how users interact with it.

Seek answers to the following questions:

  • Have they developed applications for reputable brands or companies?
  • Have they received industry awards and recognition?
  • Are there any special or innovative features that stand out?

Ask for References and Read Online Reviews

Look for a developer who’s willing to provide third-party references so you can get honest and objective feedback about their company. If they’re hesitant to do so, it’s a red flag and they are likely to be in poor standing with their clients.

Online reviews and testimonials are among the most valuable tip offs that you can find to learn about a company’s reputation. A long list of satisfied clients is a clear sign that you have found a reliable app development company.

Moreover, clients who are dissatisfied with the service and final product are more inclined to write an online review and share their experience. This will help you to identify the developer’s shortcomings, whether it was a one-time error or something that the developer has had problems with for a while now. The reviews and testimonials will tell you which app developers you need to stay away from.

Ask the Right Questions Before Hiring

Asking the right questions can make a huge difference when choosing an app developer for your project. The more questions you ask, the more you’ll know what to expect when you start working with an app development company. However, it’s imperative to ask the most important questions instead of being caught on some minor details.

Inquire about the company’s experience in app development and what particular platforms they have worked with. It’s crucial to find a developer with extensive experience with the platform that you are building for, whether Android, iOS or both.

Next, ask about the app development process and how the company communicates with clients. This will help you know how efficient and responsive they are as a team.

Lastly, inquire about the cost of their service and additional expenses such as for maintenance and support services. Always clarify what you’ll be getting for the cost of their service. Asking these key questions will help ensure that you’ll engage the services of an app developer who’s knowledgeable, experienced and the perfect fit for your project.

Here are other questions to ask your prospective app developer:

  • What is their Unique Selling Proposition?
  • How long will it take to design and develop the app?
  • How much will the app cost?
  • Who will manage the project and how?
  • How many developers will be assigned for your project?
  • How will they test the app?
  • Will they submit the app to the Stores?
  • How will they address security concerns?
  • How do they indicate ownership of the code?

Keep Communication Lines Open Throughout the Process

When it comes to successful app development, communication is key. Constant communication allows your chosen app developer to better understand the needs and goals of your project. It also presents opportunities for brainstorming and collaboration.

A company that doesn’t provide regular feedback is not a developer you’ll want to work with. Professional and more experienced app developers will strive to include you through the entire app development process by providing weekly reports so you know how things are progressing.

They will also inform you about issues, changes or setbacks that can affect the timeline and development cost. This level of transparency on their part is an indication that you have picked an app developer that you can trust.

Don’t be alarmed if the developer is notifying you of problems that they’ve encountered while designing and building your app. It’s an honest approach and a commendable communication practice on their part. With a developer like that, you’ll be sure that they are not covering up their mistakes.

Aside from improving your app, frequent communication provides for a smoother working relationship between you and the app developer. Both of you will understand expectations and progress, leading to a successful outcome.

Final Words…

So, there you have it, five useful tips when choosing the right app development company. If you keep them in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect partner to help turn your app idea into reality.

Engaging the services of an app development company is a huge investment, that’s why it’s crucial to invest the money in the right direction. And before making that investment, go through the above-written tips to get in touch with the right company.

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