Why should Businesses develop their next iOS apps using Swift 5

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Digitization is bringing new opportunities for business with the power of smartphones. Businesses can target a broader customer base and offer convenient services by building their own mobile app. However, building a mobile app takes time and requires the right choice of programming language is a vital part of it. For the iOS market, Swift is one of the most popular programming languages. 

Swift for iOS development noted the rank of 89 in the Google trends. Businesses targeting the iOS app market must use Swift 5 to build their next app and grab the advantages it offers. Here is why businesses should opt for Swift 5 in 2022 for their next iOS app. 

Swift 5 delivers fast and smooth development. 

Swift is built by Apple to let developers make industry-leading iOS apps and more. When you use Swift 5 for your iOS apps, you get a fast development ecosystem and can deploy the smoothest end-user experience ever. If you plan to build an app on your own instead of consulting an iOS app development company, then Swift 5 is easy to learn and use. When you have a fast, safe, and easy development language, you can take benefit from the reduced cost of development. 

Swift 5 is more secure. 

Apple is known for its privacy and security. And, you can expect the same level of trust towards Swift programming language. They have contributed years to security, and finally, Swift 5 brings one of the most secure programming languages to build apps with. Swift 5 handles and prevents errors with its high-quality artificial intelligence. This means it will detect errors faster as you work with the code. The compiler ensures that it accurately reads where you made errors and suggest an accurate improvement to the code. Memory leaks in Swift 5 are highly managed by its development ecosystem, where Automatic Reference counting automatically releases memory when there is no need for certain resources. So, if you build an iOS app with Swift 5, you are building a lightweight and more robust app than your competitors using alternatives to Swift. 

Swift 5 brings unmatched responsiveness and User-friendly UI 

User experience is taking its place firmly as we move towards heavy digitization through mobile apps. And Swift 5 actively understands it to deliver best-in-class iOS apps that look appealing and are flawless in the UI department. Its powerful full data structure allows developers to deploy complex processes smoothly to achieve responsiveness. This is why Swift 5 has become the choice of industry leaders for iOS app development. 

Swift 5 brings unmatched compatibility. 

Swift 5 is specifically designed for iOS apps. It means that when you build iOS apps with Swift 5, you can easily make them compatible with iPads. It has become one solution for building mobile and tablet-friendly apps. With Swift 5, developers can use highly advanced code testing to identify bugs and deploy robust iOS apps. 

Swift 5.0 bought important changes from Swift 4.0  

Swift 4.2 was the last major update in the 4th series. Swift 5.0 bought multiple changes for the users. 

  • Extended String Delimiters & String Literals: You can include special characters in a string without affecting their effects.  
  • DynamicCallable section: This attribute can be used to call information about dynamically called instances. You can add labels in the dynamic method call. 
  • Unknown cases: While using switch cases, you can tell the compiler about a case that might not match during compilation. 
  • Key-Path Expression: Swift 5 added information about identifying a key path that is (\.self). 
  • Condition compilation block: You can conditionally compile a block according to your preferences. 

Ending words- Switch to Swift 5.0 

If you are building an iOS app, it is highly suggested to use Swift 5.0. With gradual improvements, Apple has announced Swift 5.7 to amplify your iOS app and win the market. From a better development environment for developers to the best user experience for the end users, Swift 5 will leave no stone unturned to make your iOS app a successful product.

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