Psychology for life

Psychology for life
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As people live to see the next day in their lifespan, psychology study is critical. The way people think, how they react to challenges, the decision-making process, stress management, and all related psychological things determine how the person will live the next days. If an individual has poor stress management skills, he/she will live a life full of depression and hence will die very soon. No experience is perfect, there must be challenges along the way, however, the people who can manage their stress, and get contented always wins.

The assessment I took on stress was from the site. The evaluation, according to how I think I am was almost right. It analyzed that I am average when it comes to resolving issues in life, where there are critical decisions to be made. It also suggested that I use coping strategies to solve and manage depression symptoms. Stress has its impacts on the body all the way from headaches and depression to severe health problems. Although the test was a bit satisfying, there is still more to be done so that I can be above average. The better the stress management, the longer the lifespan.

If a person is unable to manage and control any stress that comes on the way, there are impacts, and some are dead serious (Brennan, 2017). One everyday implication when one is stressed is a headache. Since it is the mind that is stressed, one feels the head is dense, and after some time, a severe headache follows. A headache is also a sign. Another severe sign is the pain in the chest and the rapid heartbeat. Stress brings about worry and fear. So rapid heartbeat is familiar, but higher levels of stress produce the chest pain problem. There are a typical stomach problems, diarrhea, nausea, and constipation. All these signs don’t look good; they irritate, reduce work power, increase boredom, and have many other effects on both the individual and the community.

Motivation, emotions, and stress all go together because they are related, and one is directly proportional to the other (Gerrig, 2015). When one is motivated, his/her emotions are positive hence the lower the level of stress. The vice versa is also true. The quiz gave me a different perspective on stress management. There are many ways of dealing with stress, but one of the most important ones is dealing with my emotions first. In case I am stressed, the first thing that I thought I should do is uplift my feelings by the use of motivation. Where can I get this motivation? Through people, life story, Christian movies, talks with my mentors, and self-motivation. At one time, I got stressed because of family problems; I felt weak, had no good mood, never wanted to talk to anybody, and was careless about everything before I realized I had to change and solve what was ahead of me in a better way.

There are ways in which one can solve stress symptoms. In case of a headache, one can go out, talk to friends, and joke to get relief. Another way is by doing one’s hobby with friends or alone, but friends are highly recommended in case of anything. In fact, if the headache persists, the doctor is always the person to give the last solution (Datan, 2014).

Understanding psychology is a significant advantage. Psychology helps people to live well with others. People meet in churches, schools, temples, work, playgrounds, etc.; when people interact, one needs to make sure he/she uses the right words as per the mood and situation. If one knows psychology, it will be hard for him/her to end up fighting or throwing insults.

In conclusion, psychology for life is a crucial topic, and everyone should take it seriously. Stress management is essential, and people should learn the ways of controlling stress since there are merits related to it. Understanding psychology helps one live a peaceful life with society.

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