Mental & Physical Benefits Of Yin Yoga You Must Know!

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Even if you ask children about yoga. They will surely say it is very good for your health. Yoga is very popular among people around the world. It has a hell of benefits for the health and wellness of both body and mind. The problem is that most people find themselves too lazy to practice. If you could spend a minimal amount of time in your day for yoga and continue it consistently, You will surely see wonders in your body. You will definitely feel more energetic and tend to see clarity in your ideas and vision. There are a variety of yoga most people are not aware of. Have you ever heard of yin yoga? You will be awestruck after knowing the benefits of yin yoga!

As already said, There are plenty of yoga types. Each has its own benefits and effects on the body. One of those is “Yin Yoga”. In simple words, It is the method of practicing yoga in a slower phase. Traditional Chinese and Taoist principles were embodied into the postures practiced in this yoga. It focuses more on deep connective tissues like joints and ligaments. It is highly meditative and focussed as it is done in a very slower phase and holding poses for a long time. Let me share some of the important mental as well as physical benefits of yin yoga,

Mental Benefits

Yin yoga is created to increase the subtle energy flow that runs through the meridian pathways of the body. This can improve the health of organs in the body, increase immunity and contribute to emotional well-being.

It is said to ease and relax the body while calming your nervous system as it is always recommended to practice in a peaceful environment. This can open gates for your mental clarity as it helps you cultivate love and compassion on a deeper level within yourselves.

You may be amazed to know that your emotions will be stored in various parts of your body. The poses practiced in this yoga can release incredibly strong emotions. This again helps to turn relaxation mode on in both body and mind.

Leaving you rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed is an exotic benefit of yin yoga. It cultivates immense joy and makes you grateful to appreciate whatever you have in life.

Physical Benefits

Yin yoga is specialized for connective tissue on the body. They are also known as “Yin” tissues when they are underused. It can lead to stiffness and aches as they become less elastic. Gentle stretch and holding the pose for a long time induces a movement in tissues like fascia that keeps your body strong.

Deeper ligaments and tissues are targeted to have more oxygen flow while breathing with the poses. This creates a good airflow and pumps blood throughout the regions.

Your body becomes more flexible with mobile joints and elastic fascia if you regularly practice yin yoga. It can actually be the perfect complement to traditional exercise.

Activating the parasympathetic nervous system benefits the body in various aspects like regulating digestion and sleep, enhancing immune function, balancing hormones and much more. YIn yoga can be the best way to do it enforces belly breathing.

Who Should Practice Yin Yoga?

If you are someone who always runs on your toes, It is the best type of yoga you can try. It brings calmness to you with the slow-paced movements in your body. It can also be the best practice to bring balance to the body for people who have the habit of doing intense exercises. It is also the best remedy for people having chronic conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis as this yoga has a more restorative type of practice. This yoga also best suits people who are interested in meditation.

Yoga is actually an art created by our ancestors to connect mind, body and soul! It has a 5000-year-old history. Hence there is always a type of yoga that is specialized in resolving an issue. You have to spend time to find it or you can walk into yoga studios to know more about it.

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