How Persistence Leads to Success

How Persistence Leads to Success
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“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”

Bill Bradley


Persistence is an exceptional quality because it pushes you to achieve success. If you are persistent, you naturally feel confident, making others perceive you as having a strong personality. However, keep in mind that being persistent is easier said than done. No matter how important a quality persistence maybe, not everyone is able to exercise it.

It is a fact that persistence leads people to success because, without it, people can only imagine being successful. This is because success is a path filled with struggles, and as such, it is important for people to practice persistence, otherwise they wouldn’t be successful. Brian Bonar in his book the United States of Success, emphasizes how failure is just the first step that people take towards success. This is because it is only when people experience failure that they exercise persistence. Not only this, but Brian Bonar also says how persistence and perseverance take people on “fun and interesting rides in life, with enjoyable return on investments people will be able to learn from,” in his book the United States of Success.

In his book, Bonar also explains how success is not something that can be achieved overnight and this is one other reason why people need to practice persistence. The path to success makes people experience numerous difficulties and persistence is the quality that helps people in overcoming these difficulties and in acquiring success. It is what enables people to continue doing the right thing no matter how difficult it might be or how much people may oppose it. Persistence is a flicker that glows in your heart and it is something that you keep exercising, no matter how much agony, pain, or defeat it may bring to you.

The best way to go about being persistent and acquiring success is by cultivating the knowledge and acceptance that there will be setbacks and obstacles in your journey towards success. Once this is done, you can simply prepare yourself for these setbacks and obstacles. Always keep in mind that nothing significant has ever been achieved without people experiencing adversity. You can prepare yourself for difficulties simply by anticipating potential problems and by having a contingency plan.

Persistence is the key to success because of many reasons. First, it is important because it turns people into experts. Second, because persistence motivates people to try harder, and third because it is a sign of ambitiousness. Furthermore, persistence also enables individuals to set a good example. Not only this, but it also helps people in gaining experience and makes them realize their weaknesses.

In short, persistence is a major aspect of how successful you can possibly be. Only when people will learn to stay steadfast in whatever they are doing, can they really achieve success. Brian Bonar, in his book the United States of Success, helps readers understand the significance of persistence in the lives of those who are successful.

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