How Law Firms Can Integrate Popup Holiday Cards into Festive Celebrations

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The holiday season marks the time of year for everyone to come together. Alongside those that mean the most to you, you get to commemorate traditions of cultural significance. Law firms, in particular, should celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Your law firm’s team of associates and partners are likely notorious for being workaholics. Give them the chance to genuinely disconnect from their work and enjoy their time with loved ones. Also, make it clear that you are grateful for everything they have done over the course of 2022.

The question is, how can you show how much you care? And the answer is through personalized cards that emphasize your creativity. Let’s gain some inspiration for your law firm’s popup holiday cards.

Update Your Mailing List

Direct mail marketing is an excellent way to stand out from your competitors. However, when you decide to take a direct mail approach, you need to ensure that your 3D holiday cards will actually reach the intended recipients. Otherwise, the cards may be sent back with a return address label. Make sure that you have the most recent address for each person you are sending popup holiday cards to. As you accumulate legal clients during the year, keep track of them so that it makes for an easier mailing experience come the holidays. You can even utilize these addresses throughout the year to celebrate birthdays and other milestone moments.

Invite Your Staff to a Holiday Party

Annual holiday festivities give your associates, partners, and staff the opportunity to unwind. After a year full of taking on cases, it’s a good idea to celebrate the accomplishments that have been made. Rather than sending out a mass email about your upcoming holiday event, consider using popup holiday cards. These 3D cards are a visually-interesting way to go about invitations. Plus, they have a high return on investment, so you are sure to have a fantastic turnout. Something to keep in mind, though, is that the larger the law firm, the bigger the overall investment will be for this holiday party. Spend wisely!

Send Personalized Cards to Clients

When your legal clients feel appreciated, it can be a determining factor for whether they will refer you to their family and friends in their times of need. It could also determine whether they will work with you again themselves in the future. By expressing your gratitude for a client’s patronage, you establish a stronger connection. Take the time to get to know your client so that you can best execute a popup holiday card on their behalf. Consumers across industries hope to have experiences tailored to their preferences, so your cards should be no different.

Best Practices for Popup Holiday Cards

The overall goal of sending seasonal cards is to make your law firm appear more personal. Generic cards are not something to write home about. Instead, you should be going the extra mile by creating a mailpiece that recipients will be happy to display atop their fireplace. To achieve this, follow these practices when you create popup holiday cards for your team and clients.

Get the Cards to Recipients on Time

You don’t want your 3D cards to make their way to recipients days after the holidays have passed. If the card was for a time-sensitive event that your law firm was hosting, this will be especially problematic. People who would have otherwise attended the event have missed it.

Remember Your Firm’s Branding

Stay true to your brand every time you execute promotions. Include your law firm’s logo somewhere on your popup holiday cards. This could be on the corner of the interior, so as to draw the eye of the cardholder after they have been delighted by the 3D element.

Provide a Sincere Greeting

No matter who is receiving your cards, leave a good impression. Make your team members and clients feel that they are valued. Even just including their name within a handwritten message makes a big difference.

Make Sure There are No Errors

You are able to embed text in your popup holiday cards. This is true on both the front and back covers, as well as on the inside surrounding your 3D design. Get another pair of eyes on your text to ensure that there are no typos and that everything sounds right.

Send a Gift with the 3D Holiday Card

What better way to show client and employee appreciation than with corporate gifts? These presents don’t need to be expensive to be incredibly meaningful. Find some small, simple items that will convince the recipient to further invest in their relationship with your law firm.

Design Ideas for Law Firms

When you design 3D cards, you should be considering what will bring about a sense of childlike wonder from the recipient. How can you bring a smile to their face? The key is to come up with an attractive design that highlights the sophistication of your law firm while still being fun. Here are three designs that your law firm can utilize in popup holiday cards.

Traditional Christmas Tree Popup

Take your custom 3D holiday cards in an elegant direction. Austin-based law firm Richards Rodriguez & Skeith LLP did exactly this with its Christmas tree model. This Christmas tree popup features the traditional holiday colors of red, green, and white. Along the snow globe design encasing the tree, it reads “Happy Holidays” and “Happy New Year.” The law firm also made sure to include a seasonal message wishing love, peace, and joy to recipients.

3D Red Oak Tree Card

The best popup holiday cards are ones that are meaningful to both the business itself and the recipients. Help your recipients understand that your team is committed to building a successful relationship with them. Red Oak Law LLC, a law firm with clients in Wisconsin and Illinois, used their signature red oak tree as the 3D element. But they went on to include a couple sitting on a swing attached to the branches of the tree to symbolize the client connection. The red oak tree is illustrated on the cover, as well, with a message of “Season’s Greetings.”

Soaring Dove 3D Popup Theme

In another design by Richards Rodriguez & Skeith LLP, you see a dove with widespread wings. The dove sits on top of a puffy cloud to give the idea of it soaring through the sky. Given that the dove is a symbol of peace and love, it is the perfect addition to your popup holiday cards. After all, the spirit of the season is all about the sense of unity. To drive home the fact that it was from them, RR&S LLP included their logo near the dove.

You have the power to make someone’s day by simply sending them a thoughtful card. During the holidays, this is especially true. By stepping out of the box with an artistic 3D card, you set your law firm up for success going into the new year. Get your popup holiday cards designed before time runs out!

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