What is the most profitable breed of cattle?

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Wondering about the most profitable cattle breed that can bring you the most money? Cattle breeding has become a lucrative business in the field of the agriculture industry. According to Successful Farming, more than 250 breeds of cattle are there in the world, 80 of which are available for producers in the USA.

The two most common categories of cattle are commercial and purebred. Even though the purebred cattle market gives you a maximum return, breeding and maintenance costs and other risks are involved. On the other hand, the commercial cattle market includes low risk and low profit.

No doubt, breed type has an impact on the profitability and efficiency of the livestock business. But what makes a cattle breed profitable? Growth rate, maternal abilities, and reproductive efficiency are a few factors that lead to a profitable business. Moreover, other things you should keep in mind are market demand and the production system. When selecting a breed of cattle for sale, consider genetic-environmental interaction. According to a study conducted by Florida researchers, the cattle performed best in the environment where it was brought up.

The most profitable breed of cattle for sale includes;

Black Angus

The most common cattle breed in the U.S is Black Angus, which originated in 19th-century Scotland. As per market data, the name alone can raise prices by 10 to 15% higher than regular beef in grocery stores. Its popularity is due to its carcass characteristics, which are sold as yielding well-marbled beef. Another reason is that it requires less maintenance during the calving season. The gestation period for Black Angus cows is 283 days, and you can expect one calf per cow.


This breed originated in England and became popular in the United States for its early maturity and fattening ability. The Hereford breed is known for its longevity and adaptability. They are large in size and have a muscular long side length. This breed of cattle is easily adaptable to the grazing environment and harsh climate conditions.


It has been claimed that no other breed impacted the North American beef sector after introducing Charolais. The Charolais became popular in the cattle sector of the United States at a time when producers were looking for larger-framed, heavier cattle than traditional British cattle breeds. Charolais are white or creamy white in color, with a short hair thick coat that prevents it in cold conditions.


This breed originated in Bavaria, Germany’s southernmost state. It was first introduced in the United States in 1971 as part of an artificial insemination effort. Gelbviehs are well-known for their high fertility, ease of calving, maternal instincts, and ability to produce fast-growing calves. According to the Animal Research Center, Gelbvieh is the most used breed that excels in calving, weaning, and yearling growth.


This American Brahman breed is very popular in the U.S. They have been exported to other countries such as Australia, South America, etc. This breed of cattle is large in size and has medium-length legs and straight backs. They also live longer and produce calves at 15 years old.


This Swiss breed is one of the oldest in Switzerland and is widely spread worldwide. They are well-known for their large size and excellent milk producers. During calving season, they need little assistance. Since it has good growth and excellent carcass characteristics, the breed has proved invaluable for cross-breeding, resulting in better meat yield.


The golden-red cattle breed is native to the central southern part of France in the region of Limousin. They were used to turn rugged soil into fields that could yield crops. Now, the breed is a highly adaptable animal for producing meat. Luminous cattle breeds are known to reproduce more frequently and have good maternal characteristics.


This breed is well-known for high milk production and quality beef. Handling these cattle is very easy as they are easygoing. They can produce quality beef equal to the Hereford and Black Angus breed.

Texas Longhorn

The Texas Longhorn is an example of “survival of the fittest.” The cattle breed, brought by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish colonists, is notable for its distinctive horns, reaching almost 1.8 m tips for bulls and 2.1 m tips for steers and outstanding cows. Texas Longhorns are recognized for their colorful coats, which can be any color or combination of colors, but dark red and white are the most common.

Highland Cattle

Originating in Scotland, Highland cattle are known as teddy bears of the bovine world. They have long horns and a double coat and need little feed supplements and expensive grains to stay healthy and fit. They can even eat honeysuckle vine and ivy. They are available in multiple colors, such as gray, white, red, ginger, and dun. This breed of cows weighs up to 500kg, and bulls up to 800 kg.

Final Words

Choosing which breed to buy is heavily influenced by available space. Raising cattle for slaughter means carefully considering the land available for danger, size, grazing, breed selection, and, finally, how much time you have available to work with the herd.

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