Top 5 UI UX Design Trends 2023 for Mobile Apps

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When designing and developing a mobile app, the best thing that you can do is keep your target users in mind. After all, they are who you’re making the app for, right?

The user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) of a mobile app involve more than just being aesthetically appealing and catching prospective users’ attention with vibrant colors and captivating graphics.

But how are you supposed to ensure that your mobile app design is up to date, both in terms of visuals and functionality? Well, you’ve got to stay abreast with the latest trends and the best practices in the industry.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at the top UI UX design trends 2023 for mobile applications.

3D and Animated Visuals

3D and animated visual elements have been among the top mobile app design trends for the past few years. It’s no surprise because they are great tools for drawing more eyeballs to static elements on your mobile app. A touch of animation, whether it is full-scale artwork or a micro interaction, certainly adds fun and entertainment value.

Remember that when it comes to app design ideas and animation styles, you are only limited by your imagination. Be creative and think outside the box. Put a premium on 3D animation because it will be in vogue next year since it still has a unique look. 3D elements also enhance UX by improving user interactions with the app and making it feel more engaging.

With the increased use of 5G technology in 2022, app designers won’t have to worry about slow internet restricting the effect of animation. So, in the coming year, there is an excellent opportunity to try more sophisticated mobile app design concepts.

Note, however, that 3D and animated visuals must supplement and enhance other elements on your mobile app. See to it that these additions blend seamlessly with your static content.

Voice Search

Typing search queries is becoming outdated and voice technology is becoming more useful by the day. Integrating this feature is one of the best ways to boost accessibility because it provides for a hands-free user experience. This method of human-computer interaction will allow users to conduct searches faster while also reducing cognitive load.

Instead of typing a question in the search bar, you can easily speak it into the device and search it from there. It’s an excellent feature that helps visually impaired people to better navigate a mobile app.

Over the past few years, voice search has gradually gravitated from a novel way of searching online to a standard way of human-computer interaction. Statistics support this, as the voice recognition market is projected to grow at a 17 % CAR and reach roughly $27 billion by 2025. Moreover, there is a significant change in user behavior as suggested by a 2021 research which revealed that consumers prefer to use voice to search for information online instead of doing it manually.


This mobile app design trend will definitely add a sense of edginess to your style. The brutalist design ideas drew inspiration from the late 1940s and early 1950s architecture style and features aggressive text, a black and white color palette, and lots of images. It is basically a raw, minimal design style that puts a premium on functionality over aesthetics. It is characterized by a simplistic, virtually minimalist approach to UI design and layout.

Brutalism is a bold, nonsensical take on raw and striking visual design. It may not be as neat as other styles: typography and other elements may appear grouped, typefaces are more difficult to read, and there are numerous repetitive geometric patterns. As such, brutalism may not be suitable for all mobile app design projects; instead, you must see to it that your target users understand and appreciate this artistic approach.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have become increasingly available to businesses. As such, AR/VR technology will be used more by app designers who are looking to provide an immersive user experience.

AR superimposes computer-generated images, sound and other input on the real world. It integrates a programmed layer over reality to generate a dynamic level of augmented experience. VR, on the other hand, is a simulated 3D environment that allows users to interact with a virtual environment in a manner that approximates reality. Both technologies are remarkably immersive and can be handy to businesses looking to offer a unique experience to its clients.

The commercialization of AR and VR can be utilized to create virtual interactions that plug into real life. Both technologies are now being used in various fields including education, healthcare, and retail, so their increased use in mobile app design will be more prominent in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, discussing UI UX design trends 2023 for mobile apps won’t be complete without taking into account artificial intelligence (AI). This technology is a simulated version of human intelligence that thinks like humans and mimics their actions. It has applications ranging from eLearning to AI-based product recommendations and customer assistance chatbots.

While AI is not a must-have of the app design ideas or features list for a minimum viable product (MVP), it helps a lot with user acquisition later on. AI is the main tool for crafting a personalized experience and capturing your users’ attention with engaging content.

Artificial Intelligence has definitely found a place in mobile app design, paving the way for the concept of AI user interface design. It should bring a new level to the connection between AI and customer experience.

The designer community has in fact began integrating AI user experience in their quest to designing exceptional mobile apps in multiple ways, such as making app designs localized by using AI-based translation and automating time-consuming manual tasks like image resizing. This contribution that the designers are enjoying from AI is having a huge impact on the mobile app development industry’s present, and it is paving the way to a scenario where artificial intelligence and the future of design is more intertwined and much better linked.

Final Thoughts

Keep the aforementioned UI UX design trends 2023 to help you create mobile apps that will stand out. While some trends come and go, many actually become the industry’s best practices.

Early adoption of these app design ideas will make you a pioneer or, at the very least, help you grab the attention of your target users. Lastly, see to it that you have the support of on expert UI UX design firm as well.

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