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There is a philosophical perception and an idiomatic phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This statement opened a new door of wisdom for me when I read this for the first time. The origin of this idiom goes back to 1944 when an African Journal American uttered these words in a speech. Although that seemed to be ridiculous at that time, and people had enjoyed the statement much, but it is not as simple and clear as it seemed to be. I want to share my experience of misjudging somebody. It was the happening in recent years. I have different medical problems, including severe head injury leading to stomach ulcers and others. I had taken allopathic medicines for years, but their side effects depressed me more than cures. One day, somebody, a great well-wisher of mine, advised me to go to a homoeopath for treatment. I went, and it has made a great difference; I got relief.

I was searching for many pages of homoeopathy on the internet as I started taking an interest in it. It has always been my habit to read the leaflet or description of medicine before taking it unknowingly. So I keep on surfing and trying to get more valuable material to read and understand. There is a forum on the internet named, All World Best Homeopathic Doctors and Consultants, I sent a request to join the forum. That was accepted in a while, and I started reading the content and posts of different doctors. There I met a doctor who was Pakistani; he seemed to be very talkative at the start. I got irritated by his habit of keeping the other’s minds engaged. He texted me personally, which I ignored for a few months as I am a little indifferent sort of a person. He approached a few months again.

I had a great doubt about his abilities. According to my perception, he is a man who is just trying to get repute on the internet. It is our common perception nowadays that people are trying to advertise their profession more than believing in practice. What I perceived about that doctor is the same. Here I just want to share another common social thinking and notion that homoeopathic doctors are very ignorant and they know nothing about dealings and treatment. It is absolutely wrong. Homoeopathy works better than allopathic medicine. It is all my personal view; you may disagree with the notion.

The homoeopathic doctor once asked that “what is your medical issue? I want to treat you personally”. I laughed and said, “I have many issues regarding my neuro injury and else, but you can’t treat me as you seem to be inexperienced”. I, not only misjudged him but declared my notion with a boastful attitude as well. He remained quiet and said I have been dealing with and treating many patients like you for years. Just leave a message for me if you want to be treated. I will definitely treat you for free. I appreciated his concerns but was not willing to be treated by him.

One day, one of my colleagues came to me and asked if somebody belonging to homoeopathy is there in contact for the treatment of her son. Her son had been suffering from acute eczema for a few months. His disease has made him aggressive, and he avoids going outside. He has been treated by my allopathic doctors, but his disease is just making a great spread. So his mother came to me for help. The name of that homoeopathic doctor came to my mind instantly. I called him personally and asked him to treat one of my colleague’s sons. He was very kindhearted and replied to me with his phone number. I forwarded the number to the mother of the patient. They contacted the doctor. The doctor has asked them to come there to his place so that he can view his physical and mental condition in detail and can treat it accordingly.

After a few months, I generally asked about the health and condition of my colleague’s son. She replied with great happiness that his son is almost 90% cured now and he is very glad about his improvement. Else she started exchanging a few words of gratitude and considered me as a helping angel sent by God. I was just shocked by the statements she made. I misjudged the doctor and considered him a flirt as he was very frank and talkative. But he is a great professional healer who is always willing to treat humanity with a smiling face. Here I recalled the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover. I was ashamed of my thinking and misperception. I promised to myself never to be too judgmental before trial. At that moment, I took the decision that I’ll go to him for my treatment as well.

Human beings are regarded as the supreme being and a Crown of Creation, but we are extremely judgmental. We pass the statements too soon despite taking care of others’ sentiments and feeling. We never care that our harsh words will hurt someone deep inside. My misjudgment made me embarrassed, but I learned a great lesson as well. I find a kind gentleman as a doctor who serves humanity with love and grace.

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