Mental Health Management

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Mental health involves our psychological, social and emotional well-being. It has an impact on how one feels, thinks and acts. Mental health also enables us to know how to cope with stress, make choices and relate with others (Patel & Prince, 2014). Clinical depression refers to mental disorders that depict changes in mood, activity and thinking that may weaken one’s social functioning. This article describes the care and management of a clinically depressed young person (Watson & Kissain, 2017).

Initial Management

Most of the depressed young people experience stigma when depressed; hence one should assess and detect young ones with depression for care and treatment. Treatment is targeted to the child as a whole and not certain sequences of symptoms and signs (Patel & Prince, 2014). Treating directly of the disorders of depression should barely be supplemented by support from family who are important in helping to focus the treatment for their young one. Hence it is of importance to inform the parents of this child about the matter to help in the treatment process (Watson & Kissain, 2017).

Psychological Therapies

The therapies include those of self-help, and they are regarded as acute depression treatments for children and young adults. They are problem-solving therapies, family therapy, interpersonal therapies (IPT) and cognitive-behavioural therapies (CBT). As apparent to your son’s best friend, you should take the initiative to talk to the young so as to help in curbing the depression (Patel & Prince, 2014).


It is one of the depression treatment regimes that give people a chance to explore their symptoms and challenges with an individual who is trained (Watson & Kissain, 2017). Enables the affected individual to help themselves and allows them make decisions on their own hence one should seek the help of knowledgeable people in assessing and detecting clinically depressed children (LAM, R. A. Y. M. O. N. D. W.., 2018)


Lastly, psychological schemes like counselling, education and upkeep of individuals and their families can assist in comprehending the management of stress and obedience with medication (LAM, R. A. Y. M. O. N. D. W., 2018). This is because being mentally healthy is significant in every life stage that is from childhood to adulthood and an adolescent.

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