Mechanical Bride

Mechanical Bride
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The Motorcar: Mechanical Bride narrates on technology transformation, the media power regarding the organizational society (Baudrillard, 240). Since the days of McLuhan’s a lot of changes, have been experienced in the motor industry (McLuhan, 86). By analysing the events discussed by McLuhan, I have compared with today’s motor features. The new features seem to have evolved drastically into a high tech design and overall car outlook. In this essay, I will consider the upgraded features that which is a result of advanced technology. These features include the design of the spotlights, camera dashboard, pneumatic tires, ABS, Suspension system and the ECU (Engine Control Unit) as the main aspect of the technology.

The world is dynamic; car technology has always upgraded into gorgeous outlook and good road performance. Hence giving fantastic handling to the users. Spotlight design is one of the cutie appearances that leave a person gazing at the car. The lights are no longer duller than used to be. The lighting technology has created super comparing the shape and working system. The new outlook has been enhanced with further modification and new components. In other words, the lighting system uses the LED (light emitting diodes). The diodes are improved in the system since they do not take a lot of heavy consumers of energy, produces satisfactory lights and also gives eyes friendly light. The outer part of the spotlight is made up of fantasizing shape that gives the cars a presentable figure. Just by the gaze of the sports lights, for the car guys who know the best about the car models The lighting system has also included some advancement in the use of sensors unit thereby changing on lights direction by showing clear path as the driver turns around a corner. The purpose of the sensor units has been the most advanced technological aspect developed in the system, hence making a significant difference from the time of McLuhan. Therefore lighting system advancement has played a useful role in the society. Just like the car, the economic development and business-oriented practices have included supportive infrastructure designed to attract more customers.

Everybody likes good navigations system in a car. This desire has resulted into improvising camera and dashboard system. Unlike those days of McLuhan’s, cars are now connected to the camera system whereby the driver uses the camera system when reversing as the most crucial assistance. The reverse camera to the new model acts a necessity due to the high demand of drovers focus on reverse direction. Therefore giving the driver a comfortable time than those early days. In other cases, the camera system has been improved to provided drivers security while ion the car and also to monitors what goes the car environment, be it in the traffic or normal road usage. Camera technology has helped the driver gain confidentiality when on the road. Hence more secure approach while using the car. This has been of great help to the society and more so the drivers. Considering the technology aspect, the Camera system has assisted in providing more safe cars thereby reducing the insecurity and also small accidents. This is just mare accidents caused by the drivers when reversing, packing and driving on traffic jam.

For a car ride to be considered to be a fan, technology development has also incorporated pneumatic tires in the car wheel system. These tires are tubeless and found to be more convenient and economical. The technology used in this car assist secure workforce when it comes to puncture repair. The tire system facilitates the driver in case of tire burst the driver can safely park the vehicle at assistance without any vehicle problem since they do not fail just in a minute like the old used tires. Whichever the case, the wheel system is connected to sensors whereby in case of the tire failure the sensors reports and an indication is viewed on the dashboard. This helps to secure the transport system. More so these tires are also convenient to use off-road usage hence the technology being convenient and friendly to the users.

A car with faulty brake system is just a danger zone hence ABS (Anti-Lock brake system) is essential to the modern car systems. The ABS technology assists in skidding thus providing the road traction adequate compatibility. This anti-lock system is more reliable, and it assists the driver when stopping the vehicle on a slippery surface. Hence providing a safe journey to the car users. The Anti-lock brake system is connected to the wheel thereby by detecting the road roughness and in response performing the necessary traction action. This technological aspect has been fruitful to the users’ thereby promoting high technology in cars.

Luxury and comfort riding is a demand in today’s motor industry. This has led to developing the Suspension system is one of the advanced technological systems. Unlike there before the system entails Air suspension, hydraulic and pneumatic suspension system. Both the driver and the passengers enjoy comfortable rides without shocks all related abstraction in respective to the road terrain. The suspension unit is designing to absorb all shocks and thereby maintaining the comfort of the person on board. Unlike the previously used suspension system that incorporated springs and leafs suspension, the modern suspension is luxurious and advance for a comfortable ride. This is more secure and safe. Therefore providing a full demand aspect to the car’s system this technology is highly accepted in the market and thus good for the users more than it was in the days of McLuhan (Allan & Stan forth, 35).

Just like a human being, brain unit is now manufactured and fed on the car technology, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) hence used as the brain unit for the new car development. The ECU is considered as the central memory unit in the car, hence the central computer. For the various parts of the car system, there are components known as modules. This module is connected to sensors on the different parts while on the other hand compared to the ECU. Communication is done from the specific region so a car to the respective module and finally to the ECU. All areas, including transmission, suspension, lighting, etc. are interconnected to the ECU. Ideally, the signal is then interpreted. The ECU unit is designed to run the central control car system. The ECU units are found in both VVTI and EFI engines. Various software’s are sued when it comes to car diagnoses. This software includes; the OBDII diagnosing tool software, OBDuino, Pass-through device, the Datalink Connector, ELM327, only to mention a few. Therefore this software assists in making health test in for the modernised vehicles. ECU technology can, therefore, be considered as essential since it has made it easy to carry out services and maintain the cars (Hansen, 122).

In conclusion, in human nature, every aspect of life entails good things that create a happy moment to a human being. Changes in Motor vehicle technology has become impressive to the people. With advanced technology, cars are now built to sustain comfortable to ride in and thus satisfying the need of the community hence standardization and uniformity by creating the norms role and status. Consequently dynamic and supportive car functionality have beautified the car industry than it was in the days of McLuhan. The significant feature of the car can now maintain customer close due to the look and solely desires. These great aspects pertaining the car have initiated the infrastructure development where people from various areas get to interact. The changes experienced have helped to ease the life of human being. This has also assisted the economic growth and related contribution to the economy (Näser et al., 57).

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