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The case law focus on the approach of the film for the need of getting off the legal law advice regarding his claims against some parties involved in purchasing his business premise that he claims its new in the market. In the case, his clear information that during the summer period mainly in the year 2015, his business was very successful and through the success of the same he had to acquire the new type of similar premises to expand his business operational activities in focus of the business diversity in his efforts to make sure that his goal is set to target, he gets a free space through which he has the belief that the remainder of his new type of the premises will be significant for and it will bring a lot of gains in terms of the revenue and this will make him more of the expounded than there before. It is evident that the businessman has a lot of the business expand ideas and is actually in a position of understanding that through the business expansion one can make more profits than ever before. For the success of his plans, he makes a method of an approaching agent of the commercial estate firm and the August properties for the efforts of searching for the better property to exploit his idea and set his entire goal in place. The report gives a clear description that he was taken to and exposed to a certain number of the properties which were in the process of advertisement and auctioned. The premises that he brought into contact convinced that it was very much of the potential re-development. Despite the fact that he acquired a lot of work, he gained a lot of the ways to be much interested in the last type of the property this made him have a meeting room in particular and as well as the gym; this was very significant have him charging his rent to a higher level.

Case list

1. Case against wren & co for biased survey information

2. Case against starling & co for bringing out inexperienced engineers in estimation program

3. Mr. Dove for giving force statement on state of the progress

4. Parties of claim

August Properties claimed party

One of the parties who are in the possible position of claim is August properties which had the description of the house particularly the physical set up of the premises. The agency describes the premises as one of the rare developmental freeholds and the opportunity of offering the sales for a great commercial expounded potential of the customers. This party gives the project the priority to the planning mission and potential of the investment in the business just in operation having the minimal level of the investment degree. The property is described as having situated just 1,139 Square meters as its prime position and found to be of a high street. There is the great advantage for the same that this premise gives the customer a very great point of view through which he will be able to access the transportation networks which are just across the five potential floors and reception containing the ground.

Regarding the case law, Mr. Carruthers states that he had the acquisition of the mortgage direct from the bank and this had a composition of £0.5 of cash million rounded in £4 million set as the consultation of the same price. In his efforts, he had plans to have borrowed up to the game back of around £0.5 of cash million with the intention of work conversion projection. The amount of inclusion regarding the set case law was fit for an outfit of his form of the official top part floor. I particular and the case requires that there is need of the survey for the full construction process to continue as it had organized planned and set by the bill of law. The building had the 50 bedrooms which have approximately not less than six floors and the contamination of the ground floor configured to have an inclusion of the receptionist and breakfast set area in accusation of the bar and restaurant it requires the bill of construction rights and terms applied for the construction of such premises. For the in case of the damages and other operational setbacks, the contractor is there to be blamed, and for this case here I reconsider wren & co limited to have the introduction of the surveyors who will be carrying out the surveillance for the construction process.

Wren & co party of claim

There is a failure when it comes to matter concerning the surveyors or any form of the financial crisis regarding the construction work of the premises. Wren & co is the first agent supposed to have it claimed at based on the fact that it is given the first mandate for the constructional survey and set to employ the surveyors of the construction process of the premises. The firm given the order to have a personalised study of the structure; confirmation of the settable ground which is set to be 1,000 square meters and this is in accordance to the conversion records of the construction program. The owner will need about 800 sqm to be rented to generate the income, and there it is his mandate to have the solicitors to have the employment of the Engineers who will be and in particular basic ones to have the same to b designed.

Rock associates

This agent will be required in this construction process to come with the estimated cost the work in conversion level for the hotel and office category. There will be other significant reason to have the same organisation be involved mostly when it comes to matters concerning the recommendation of the golfing his friends and relatives regarding the employers. Damages quantum In construction process there is much of the possibilities that there are damages which could occur in the whole process, and there the owner is supposed to have the insurance recommendation of workers for in case of such mess happens up the level of damage could be estimated in terms of the of the level of the insurance set apart. The solicitors of the owner had a high potential of working experience with the accredited firms of surveyors which brings around other agents of the claim for in case of this; starling & co. It is the responsibility of this organisation to have the well-structured procedure on how the survey will be contacted, and they have to send just the expert of the surveyors to have the study done professionally without any error made of misinterpretation. Some of the failures are made by the individual personalities, in this case, I reflect on Mr Dove who dares to move with the camera without the well-charged battery, and therefore this causes taking off the few scribbled notes as not supposed to have been made up. This is one of the challenges that could be affecting the part of the construction survey, and this is supposed to handle in the court of law in correlation with the contract law.


Mr Carruthers is supposed to consider the statement given by the contractor and surveyors is supposed to be taken in too much consideration based on the fact their much sense of assumption. In regard to the statement which was given by Mr. Dove that the property was just in a good condition and less of the work is supposed to be implemented on the offices section and even the removal of the partitioning in the inner parts of the construction premises, there much of the revisits to be made by other surveyors from different areas of specialization to make sure that the information which is given in this sense is particularly good and does not contain any form of the bias or even the approximate because this could affect the whole process of the construction operations. In my point of view, Mr. Dove did not do much of the research concerning the premise under construction, and I have the sense the statement that he gave about the construction proceedings needed some checkups and adjustment to make sure that everything which was set in place will be well operating. In fact, he is supposed to be taken in the court of contract law to explain the basis through which he comes up with the state following the fact that he made a first form of the bias by taking less of the pictures due to camera malfunctioning. Having the consideration and analysis of each party which involved in this budgeting, he is supposed to take them to the court of law for the accusation.


This case law layout centre around the approach of the film for the need of getting off the legal law advice concerning his cases against a few gatherings associated with obtaining his business preface that he guarantees it’s new in the market. For the situation, Simon has a consistent data that amid the late spring timeframe primarily in the year 2015, his business was extraordinarily fruitful and through the accomplishment of a similar he needed to gain the new kind of similar premises to expand his business operational exercises in a focal point of the decent business variety. In his endeavors to ensure that his objective is set to target, he gets a free space through which he has the trust that the rest of his new kind of the premises will be imperative for and it will bring a considerable measure picks up as far as the income and this will make him a more significant amount of the explained than there previously. It is evident that the representative has a considerable measure of the business extend thoughts and is entirely a place of understanding that through the business development one can make more benefits than any other time in recent memory.

What Mr Carruthers in his case

He should know first of all present all the files of contracts that each party sighed against the construction of the premise so that they can be accessed. For the accomplishment of his designs, he arranges for moving toward specialist of the business home firm and the court for the endeavours of hunting down the better property to abuse his thought and set his entire objective set up. The report gives a reasonable portrayal that he was taken to and presented to a specific number of the properties which were currently commercial and sold. The premises that he was brought into contact was persuaded that it was primarily of the potential re-improvement. In spite of the way that he obtained a considerable measure of work, he picked up a great deal of the approaches to be abundantly inspired by the last sort of the property this influenced him to have a gathering room correctly and also the centre. This was extremely noteworthy make them charge his lease to a more elevated amount. If there is any disappointment with regards to issue concerning the surveyors or any the money related emergency in regards to the development work of the premises. This is the primary operator expected to be asserted at because of the way that it is given the initial order for the constructional review and set to utilise the surveyors of the development procedure of the premises.

Liability determination

In this case, the firm is given the command to have the customized survey of the structure; affirmation of the settable ground which is set to be 1,000 square meters and this is in agreement to the transformation records of the development program. The proprietor will require around 800 sqm to be leased to generate the salary, and there it is his order to have the specialists to have the work of the Architects will’s identity and especially auxiliary ones to have the same to b outlined. This operator will be required in this development procedure to come with the evaluated cost the work in transformation level for the inn and office class. There will be other colossal motivation to have a similar association be included with regards to issues concerning the suggestion of the playing golf his companions and relatives as to the businesses.

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