English Language

English Language
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English is a language that has proved to be challenging to most learners. Teachers continuously devise new strategies of teaching this language for the benefit of learners. Reading, writing and teaching this language is a crucial aspect of promoting the understanding of the language. The most critical component in reading this language is having the understanding of the vocabulary of the language. The ability to understand the meaning of words and its different usage context is essential. Reading additionally requires that one can connect information and relate the context in which the readings have been developed. The two components make it easy for the reader to connect knowledge and the intentions of the author in writing the text (Cárdenas-Hagan 609).

In writing, the most important thing is the ability to express the ideas through appropriate word choice. Word choice is a prerequisite for writing in English after which issue of grammar follows. An individual cannot be able to write in English if he or she lacks the understanding of the language. The ability to express oneself in the language makes it easy to transform ideas into writing. Individuals who seek to write in English must first develop an understanding of the language and be in a position of choosing the right words to be used in writing (Cárdenas-Hagan 615).

Teaching the English language is crucial as it allows learners to improve their writing and reading skills. Understanding the background of learners and the difficulties associated with learning a new language is of importance. Understanding the background helps instructors to develop strategies that can help such learners to improve their understanding of the language. It additionally allows instructors to design learning activities that can enable learners to achieve their goals (Cárdenas-Hagan 610).

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