Biometric Access Control System And Their Benefits

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A biometric access control system combines security and convenience to offer a highly-advanced security system to control various points, including elevators, doors, etc. A biometric access control system is equipped with scanners that record and collect human biological data. For instance, a facial scanner analyses and records facial data in a secure data file. The necessary access is provided to the person whose facial data is registered in the system. If the individual’s data is not a match, then access is denied to them.

Such systems can be used practically on any access point which uses an electronic lock mechanism. A biometric door access control system is the most common among them.

There are different ways in which biometric access can be applied. The most common modalities are:

  • ·         Facial recognition
  • ·         Fingerprint
  • ·         Iris scan
  • ·         Palm vein

Benefits of Biometric Access Control System

A biometric access control system adds an extra layer of protection to the security, ensuring only the permitted people are provided access to something or through a place. Some benefits include:

Security – Biometrics uses the unique biology of an individual to grant access. Hence, it is quite difficult to be stolen or used by someone else. It is quite easy to fake traditional access tokens like a key card, illustrating the vulnerabilities of a conventional control system. Biometrics, on the other hand, uses liveness detection to ensure that the biometric data is from a real human and not a duplication, making it difficult for anyone to spoof through the access door.

Easy Permission Management – Installing a feature-rich biometric access control system allows managers or superiors to control access from the dashboard, ensuring only the authorized people access a specific place.

Convenient – Unlike traditional access tokens that can be lost (if in the form of key cards) or forgotten (if in the form of passwords), a biometric access control system eliminates this possibility entirely. The authorized users can access the place using various modes of biometric codes. Employees no longer have to worry about forgetting or losing their key card/password, and merely their presence can get them the required access.

Efficient – Biometric access control systems are highly efficient. Their identification process takes just seconds to eliminate the time delays often caused by erroneous passwords, manual identity checks, failure of key card reading, etc.

Cost Efficient – Installing a biometric access control system allows an organization to save costs that they often pay to security guards. Even fobs and key cards require an apparent amount as employees are hired regularly, requiring the issue of new key cards for all, not to forget extra hidden costs if these access tokens are lost and the time wasted in the process of re-issuing new key cards.

Protection to Contents of the Safeguarded Area – Security breaches could cost a fortune to businesses. From costly equipment to confidential files, there could be various valuable things that a company may have to safeguard from unauthorized personnel. Installing a biometric door access control system ensures that the contents of a specific room or area are safe and can be accessed only by people who are authorized.

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