What Are The Eligibility Criteria For CPEng Australia?

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The CPEng Australia status is the highest available technical credential for a professional working in the engineering field. This credential is nationally and internationally recognized as a measure of excellence and signifies a certain level of skill, talent, and experience.

When holding a CPEng Australia credential, this status puts a solid value on the years you have dedicated to the profession. It gives prospective employers and clients immediate respect and confidence in your engineering capability.

Attaining this credential will open the door for you to career progression, leadership development, and opportunities to work overseas.

Eligibility Criteria:

For eligibility to apply for a Chartered credential, you have to be an Engineers Australia member and have five years or more of engineering experience.

In addition, you must fulfil and maintain competency across 16 elements that are related to your occupational category and area of practice. The 16 competency elements sit across the following four core areas:

  • Personal commitment
  • Obligation to community
  • Value in the workplace
  • Technical proficiency

If having more than 15 years of experience, the application process is more streamlined.

If holding a Chartered credential from overseas, you may be able to apply by means of a mutual recognition agreement. You will be required to offer proof of a minimum of 150 hours of CPD over the previous three years.

Steps to apply for Chartership:

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is to become a member of Engineers Australia. It’s a must for you to be a member to apply for the Chartered Engineer Australia status.

Step 2:

You need to build your continuing professional development (CPD) portfolio. It’s a must for you to keep track of your CPD in your EA portal account. CPD can include formal training, events, safety training, discussions, networking, and site inductions. You have to complete a minimum of 150 hours of CPD over a 3-year period to apply and maintain a Chartered credential.

Step 3:

Start keeping proof of where you have applied the 16 elements of competency for independent practice (Stage 2), in your role. These can include presentations, emails, development plans, project plans, peer review reports, drawings and plans.

Finally, be sure to attend one of EA’s Chartered information sessions to know more.

Step 4:

Find a mentor through EA’s exclusive graduate mentor match program. This six-month structured program is exclusive to graduate members and pairs you with expert engineers in your field capable of mentoring you. To know more about this email Engineers Australia.

 Lapsed membership or Chartered credential:

If having let your membership or your Chartered status lapse, you can reinstate them without any issues.

For the reactivation of your membership, you need to log in to the EA portal using your email address or EA ID number. Select Re-join my membership from the homage and adhere to the prompts. You can also reinstate the credential of Chartership during the membership application.

If currently an EA member but your Chartered credential has lapsed, you need to email Engineers Australia and explain that you want to reinstate your Chartered credential. The authority will be in touch to explain how to do this and what the cost is.

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