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APEGS is mainly known for providing the best assistance in competency-based training to engineering students. APEGS has already fixed some criteria for engineering individuals so that they can make outstanding results and sustain their course. The term APEGS stands for “Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan”APEGS CBA also assists their students according to the requirements and tries to fulfill the learner’s interest.

Overview of the competency-based Assessment: APEGS is responsible for providing excellent quality competency-based assessments to engineering individuals. The term competency can be defined as the course that enhances skills, knowledge, and abilities to execute “critical work functions” in a working environment. This kind of competency-based assessment framework portrays the professionalism of engineers and makes them more familiar with the safety measurements for the public.

Requirement of work experience: APEGS CBA has been serving engineering students for several years and they succeeded in every way to uphold their reputation by maintaining professionalism. Other requirements are,

  • An appropriate registration method with clarity.
  • Efficiency and consistency are the two key processes to accomplishing the competency-based assessment from APEGS.
  • Online registration facilities have been available since 2012 and individuals can fill up registration forms online.
  • Proper guidance is provided by the professionals of APEGS CBA after including all kinds of requirements regarding the process of registration.

Service providers: The primary service providers of APEGS CBA are,

  • Guidance from APEGS is given by highly skilled and professional experts.
  • Successful experts from across the globe are responsible to generate technical reports to obtain skill migration to different countries such as Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • APEGSCBA gives “EA membership” to engineers and is also concerned about migration skills. After that, they provide “CDR” to their registered students.

Values:  The competency-based framework of APEGS is also paying attention to Global Immigration and they aimed to aid engineers in building their professionalism by developing different kinds of reports such as, “ENGEXEC Reports”, “APEGS CBA Report”, “IOM3 Reports”, and “Competency Demonstration Reports (CDR)”.

  • APEGS CBA gives value to every engineering student, which includes Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Computer, and Telecommunication.
  • They are providing high-quality solutions by generating good content that can give essential information to Engineers regarding their work.
  • These engineering students are trained to submit plagiarism-free reports with accuracy and precision.
  • The team of APEGS CBA always provides exceptional solutions before the deadline. In addition, they are also taking care of costs, and after making it reasonable for every student they give services with quality.

Mission and Vision: The team of APEGS CBA always tries to provide guidance to the professionals by delivering them reports. To achieve a sustainable future APEGS always provides opportunities to every professional for a better future.

The vision of the company is to become at the top of the priority list by assisting professionals. They are not focusing on numbers, however, the primary priority of APEGS CBA is to deliver top-notch quality work at a moderate price.


Application Fees Time
Assessment for Academic courses $200 2 to 4 months
License for Engineering $300 1 year
Consultant fee No Fee 3 Weeks
Certificate $325 3 to 4 weeks
Training in Engineering $200 1 Month


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