Age Verification for Digital Commerce: A complete brief!

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Online shoppers have grown a lot in recent times, especially teenagers. An estimation shows that around 30% of the shoppers are minors.

When the term minor comes up. It’s generally linked to some law or norms. And here it’s no exception. Regulations throughout the world have been set up to verify age and keep minors away from stuff that might lead to health or mental issues.

Why such laws are there?

The reasons are obvious. There have been many instances where minors were exposed to age-restricted products. To avoid such blunders, authorities have been introducing strict laws and regulations.

Also, when you get orders online. There is a possibility that frauds can get you. Many times stores face identity theft, fake affiliates, etc. This in turn leads to a reduction in revenue and increased headache. To counter these issues mentioned above, eCommerce stores are moving towards Magento 2 age verification extension. \

What’s Magento 2  Age Verification?

It’s an age verification software for website that will block unauthorized access from minors on age-restricted content. It’s not a simple age-gate that can be avoided.

The Magento age verification popup can be applied to any product or page. It is capable of barring any minor that tries to get past the verification process. It’s useful for products like tobacco, vapes, alcohol, etc that can have a negative impact on a user’s health.

What if you don’t have a verification process for 18+ products?

Nothing much. You will only face some sanctions from regulating authorities. Your brand image will be tarnished. And they will impose a heavy fine along with imprisonment.

Laws are very strict. Authorities are keeping an eye everywhere. If you’re in their line of sight, you don’t want to mess it up. It can even lead to the fall of your business. Other than that. Not much. 

What are some benefits of age verification?

Except for the fact that you can showcase your business ethics by age verification. Following are some top benefits of the same:

  • Avoid breaking the laws
  • Meet the regulations set by EU, FDA, FATF, etc
  • Avoid extra penalties on your brand
  • Improve brand credibility

Not just this, there are tons of side benefits if you pick the right Magento age verification popup for your eCommerce store.

Concluding Now

Using technology at its best is the trend of tomorrow. With expert web developers out there, you can build robust stores that can handle customers and meet the criteria to become a top brand in your niche.

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